Thinking of developing psychic abilities, then here is a Psychic development courses review

A number of times during my life I have had some strange experiences, I think I have been visited by spirits a couple of times, had dreams that were warnings of things to come.  Soon after the dream, the events in the dream started to unfold, I have recognised them and have modified my behaviour, which changed the outcome of the dream for the better.  I have always been interested in psychic courses, but have not found one for normal people, which I consider myself to be one of.  So I decided to look at some psychic development courses and choose the one that appealed to me the most and do a review of it.



The first thing that I noticed when I was looking for psychic development courses was that some psychic development courses make outrageous claims saying they will unleash my hidden psychic powers and supernatural abilities.

What I was looking for was a more balanced, realistic approach.  I have been attuned to Reiki, so I do have understanding of chakras, and the concept of opening to your intuition.

I was determined to get on with developing psychic abilities for my own use, but I was looking for someone normal to learn from and I wanted to do it at home at my own pace.  
Luckily I found Katy Rogers who seemed to be grounded and normal, unlike some tutors of psychic courses.  I bought a copy of Katy’s Psychic Development Foundation Course.

The course consists of two ebooks, a course book and a workbook.  The course book describes different types of psychic ability and gives contains exercises for the student to perform.  It also contains audio meditations and video demonstrations of these different abilities.

Once you have completed one of the many psychic development exercises, you then complete the relevant section of the workbook.  It’s easy.  Having to fill in a workbook made me really think about what I had experienced, and I found this very helpful.

The beauty of this course compared to other psychic development courses that I looked at, is that everything is in one place. The multi-media materials contained within the one download mean that there is no need to be messing about loading cds or dvds, and once I had downloaded the course I didn’t need to be online to access anything else. Fantastic!!

I found the grounding and protection meditations very powerful, it was made clear that you should always ground and protect yourself whenever developing psychic abilities.

The chakra meditation helped to open and examine my chakras, cleanse them and then close them down.  I felt much calmer and balanced once I had completed that task.

Each time I do the guided meditation I get a different message. Because I have made notes after each session, it has been interesting looking back and see how I developed.

I have used crystals in my Reiki practice, so it was nice to see that simple easy instructions were given for cleansing and charging crystals.  I also liked the chakra /crystal table which explained which crystal should be used with which chakra.

I enjoyed the how to use a pendulum video, which was concise and easy to follow.  I bought myself a pendulum and asked a few questions, and got some very interesting results, and I certainly wasn’t making it swing myself!

The tarot card reading demonstration was enthralling.  I have some tarot cards myself and have always used a book to look up their meaning and have interpreted them that way.  Katy’s approach to reading Tarot cards, where she focuses on the imagery of the card and looks for something that catches the eye and to then tell the story that the linked images give was fascinating.

A group of friends and I carried out the psychometry exercise, and we were pleased with the results.

Unlike other psychic development courses that I looked at this psychic course, showed me that you are not strange or weird if you think you have psychic abilities, it is normal, most people have them, but choose to ignore them.

If developing psychic abilities is something that you are considering, when forget other psychic development courses, this course is for you.

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